YouTube Join Withdrawal

Good Morning/Afternoon

Following our recent video where we announced the withdrawal of the YouTube Join support method. We will be moving totally to Patreon there are a few reasons for this. The main reason for this is YouTube doesn’t offer great flexibility with our posts. For example unable to post multiple images on one post.
We originally enabled YouTube Join as Patreon was not in £ and was putting some off. However, they have recently changed this and it is now in £ $ and euro. Using Patreon we have greater control and our small team of which the one that struggles to speak English never mind type it is left to do the posting. It enables us to focus on you the supporters providing the best benefits we can.
Another reason came to light as I posted this, As this is the second time I am having to type it all out due to there being no save function.
Patreon for those who don’t know is the same as YouTube join, Well it would be as it was a mirror of the benefits and offers on Patreon. there are a few small changes however some you won’t notice and some you will. YouTube will not pay you your membership money until it reaches £60 not very practical for a small channel like ours on top of that they take a cut meaning the amount we see is very small. whereas on Patreon, we are able to be paid every month giving us a cash flow as well as that they only take 5% of the total for the month giving us a greater share of the amount.
It’s not all about money though, Patreon allows different types of posts and greater control taking far less time for us to prepare and ensure you get the best content that you deserve less time typing and messing around trying to get a perfect post on YouTube join as the post looks mint of Patreon but on YouTube, it looks rubbish. Our team all have full-time jobs and we put a lot of money and time into this channel the extra time saved and wonderful support from you goes a long way and is a great boost esp when we see new Patreons joining the Bus Driving Legends. Everything is done in our spare time with that said the Patreon tiers are as follows:
Bronze – £1 per month Behind the scenes all the Love and heartache of vehicle preservation. Plenty of images and short Video Clips Includes Discord benefits
Silver – £3 per month You will get to see the Behind the scenes Photos and some Extra video’s. Plus Early Access to the Months Videos Includes Discord benefits
Gold – £5 per month You will gain early access to the content a minimal 1 week to 1 month. also access to special videos these maybe failed to film, Random clips and Director cuts. Includes Discord benefits
In February the shout outs to our Patreons have stopped briefly. We are coming up with a new a better way to give the shoutout to our supporters and they will be returning in March. You can find more information and join us at we hate to see anyone leave however we understand if you don’t want to sign up to something else.
Last of all the important bit. On the 26th February 2021 YouTube Join will be disabled, Maybe in the future it will return in a bigger and better form however at this time it is the correct choice to remove it and focus our efforts on just one support platform.
If you should have any questions or concerns please comment below ( We will be checking, however, we don’t seem to get notifications ) or you can reach out to our team by email
Hope to see you there.
Mancbuses Team