Hello guys, Working hard to get her ready for MOT after having to put the wheels on to move her. We see Callum struggling to remove the wheel nuts in order to get them off again. However, in this video, we go over and show some of the work weRead More →

7176 Needed a new Washer motor and demisters, although the demisters weren’t replaced they were investigated and the washer motor was completely shot and required replacing so I bought one and left it to Callum and Kain who didn’t disappoint and made a hash of replacing the motor and anRead More →

This is our young Kian using the angle grinder for the first time to cut metal and grind which shows, we are working at building his confidence up with the tools and how to use them this does take some practice for someone with little confidence with and is ratherRead More →

The much-awaited Gearbox oil change is here. This was overdue even according to the manual it was overdue and in the words of ZF ” Oil level too low = malfunction” and we were getting malfunction so before the gearbox become a massive metal paperweight it was time to changeRead More →