The Job List

Jobs In order of Completion
Last updated: 12/01/2021

  1. Heaters U/S at rear – No Power to them when tested might be the switch. no short when tested( Dunno if they work )
  2. Cab Switches need all replacing
  3. Low Water light
  4. Saloon passenger heating is completely missing (retrofit located under seat o/s)
  5. Behind the Cab needs rebuilding
  6. Fog Lights ( On The Black one)
  7. L/S and U/S emergency exit warning need adding
  8. Cab Door (Behind the cab)
  9. Black Metal that’s rusted needs replacing on n/s as entering
  10. Air Intake on the o/s in Pod needs reattaching
  11. Brackets on the O/S pod need adjusting (possible at the same time a paint match to repaint it)
  12. Door Strike damage on the centre of the roof at the front (Feather)
  13. Front Center panel is held on with luck
  14. Wipers New Wiper Spindles Delivered Due to Be Installed
  15. Rear Seats off 79 to put on 96 some interesting engineering for that
  16. Center Grab pole indoors
  17. Blind on the inside Cab window.
  18. Two front panels need replacing
  19. Loose Fox Clips for suspension ( Week of MOT This will be done )
  20. Remove All Grey Cable and Power inlet on the back – In progress 13/08/2020
  21. Handbrake Force needs to be adjusted


Completed Tasks

  1. Interior lights – The current lights on 96 need removing carefully as they are for another bus. The replacement lights are on another scrap bus that needs to be taken off and then fitted to 96 – completed 01/05/2020
  2. Cleaner switch needs to be investigated as this powers the lights as well. – Found Not to Be Broken and works well 25/05/2020
  3. Window hoppers need reattaching to limit the opening of windows Started 01/05/2020
  4. Cab Seat out to Clean and do following jobs – Cab seat removed 10/04/2020
  5. Handbrake light ( Was working ) – bulb replaced and working 10/04/2020
  6. Low air light always on possible wiring fault – faulty sensor found and bridged out – completed 10/04/2020
  7. Stop Tap for Rad in the Cab – Further testing found it to be working 25/05/2020
  8. Audio alarm adding to Air and Temp – buzzer fixed 10/04/2020
  9. Washer Pipes above driver leak – Repaired 25/05/2020
  10. Handbrake needs repair and securing in place not held in with any bolts – handbrake fixed 10/04/2020
  11. Cab Painted black – complete 10/04/2020
  12. Re-Fit Seat – Refitted 25/05/2020
  13. Bell Strips need refitting– Repaired 11/11/2020
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