With the madness of having to rebuild the rear end of 7176 and having to have my 2yo niece for this weekend, we forgot the tripod and a few other bits while my niece was busy playing on the play bus TDTT have recently got Jordan and Callum attempt toRead More →

Here you see Jordan sat near the Engine bay with a bottle of liquid called “Gunk”.  If some of you don’t know what Gunk is let me explain.  Gunk is a chemical which has been designed to clean and get rid of even the hardest of dirt on things, inRead More →

So here Is a bit of a step by step guide in how (if you would preserve a bus) of how to Fix a roof Dome perfectly shown to us by our very own grease monkey Chris who is a trained mechanic. Clean the area- this should get rid ofRead More →

B10 Had a Wee Well as the title says the B10 had a water leak from the water hose that enters the top of the engine block. I got the spare pipe from a company called Hosemaster who provided us we a great service and fast, very easy to findRead More →

Well as many of you would be aware Unless you have joined the blog here. With the B10 we were having issues with the Air system always running out of air really quickly, It wasn’t what we expected and was also alerted by the fact the compressor didn’t start toRead More →

Fixing the Radiator   Welcome, After many motorway hours and driving hours of the Bus moaning about the temperature and the gauge going off the end of the scale. What was the issue? The Temperature would climb in an uncontrolled manner. To fix the issue it required us to removeRead More →