The B10 has had new interior lights at Mancbuses we had changed the lights from the traditional tubes to the LED tape. As the tape heated up with the bus it has become unstuck from the bus, so using an adhesive that is for flooring to stick them back upRead More →

Job number two on the list was still to do with the air system and as you will of heard in the first video on the air dryer there was a massive leak towards the rear of the bus which was the valve on the gearbox as the Leyland AtlanteanRead More →

  After the repaint one of the Marker lights, I fitted decided it no longer wanted to work and went out. Why did I fit marker lights? mainly because being able to see your tail with ease is better than trying to work out where your tail is and howRead More →

Fixing the Radiator   Welcome, After many motorway hours and driving hours of the Bus moaning about the temperature and the gauge going off the end of the scale. What was the issue? The Temperature would climb in an uncontrolled manner. To fix the issue it required us to removeRead More →

Hi, guys so those that aren’t aware yet I decided to buy a Vehicle and now have a B10. After getting it from Bristol, We had a few cooling issues but these were expected due to the heat outside and the fact we had over 100 miles on a motorway.Read More →