The B10 has had new interior lights at Mancbuses we had changed the lights from the traditional tubes to the LED tape. As the tape heated up with the bus it has become unstuck from the bus, so using an adhesive that is for flooring to stick them back upRead More →

Welcome to post number 24 on the blog for the repair of the B10. This took a little extra look after this video was filmed they went faulty again and we took a further look into the electric’s and found the fault in this Post I will talk you throughRead More →

After you guys have been waiting for an update for ages- I thought i’d do one. Now this isn’t a recent update (coming soon) but it gives a guide to how I’m going with the bus, what has been done with the bus, what is going to be done withRead More →

Well after tasking a job which was to cut any dead or unusable wires off the B10,  so he carried on and I got on to what work I needed to do.  Until I come back a week later and find out that my bus will not move,  so afterRead More →

Here I am at the B10-  With my helper Connor from Town And District Bus Society who volunteered to help for the day. First off I remove the Light Covers, easy enough with a screwdriver.  Then unscrew the old type strip lights which are rather expensive as they use upRead More →

Hi, guys so those that aren’t aware yet I decided to buy a Vehicle and now have a B10. After getting it from Bristol, We had a few cooling issues but these were expected due to the heat outside and the fact we had over 100 miles on a motorway.Read More →