So I take my B10 BLE for fuel which to be honest is an expensive job, so me Connor and Jonathan drive to the nearest Petrol Station to fill her up ahead of the TDTT Great Harwood Rally which is taking place on Sunday 15th September. So after £140 fuelRead More →

The need to remove body panels was a clear idea and should be an easy job however with the vehicle being stored outside the easy and simple job ended up needing a little more than elbow grease. I went to B&Q and made a mistake which would have saved meRead More →

When I purchased the B10 I had a firm which said they would store my Bus For me in Carrington. Once I bought the bus I called them to arrange it to arrive and they changed there mind about storing it for me. So after some phone calls, I hadRead More →

Here I am at the B10-  With my helper Connor from Town And District Bus Society who volunteered to help for the day. First off I remove the Light Covers, easy enough with a screwdriver.  Then unscrew the old type strip lights which are rather expensive as they use upRead More →

Fixing the Radiator   Welcome, After many motorway hours and driving hours of the Bus moaning about the temperature and the gauge going off the end of the scale. What was the issue? The Temperature would climb in an uncontrolled manner. To fix the issue it required us to removeRead More →