Membership and Donations

Thinking about becoming a Member? 

Mancbuses Limited was founded in 2020. Since 2020 we have grown a lot and developed our abilities and skills. As growth continues we are excited that we now offer a Membership to us, In return, we are able to offer benefits for the support you show.

The Membership enables us to fulfill the requests from you the audience and keep the vehicles on the road. We show the true side of vehicle preservation where it isn’t all nice and shiny spotless vehicles.

Vehicle preservation is very costly and difficult no matter what the size of the vehicle. However, vehicle preservationists enable the public of all ages to enjoy older vehicles with a good day out and plenty of knowledge to learn about such vehicles.

Your Donations and Memberships help fund the restoration and the attending of rallies which enable the public to enjoy the vehicles.

The more support we gain the more we can offer, and also we can allow more people to experience the vehicles at a rally. Like many we collect donations at events, however, bus owners never get much back for what they spend running the event there are reasons for this but we won’t go into them here.

With all that said if you could spare Just £1 and become a member it will be very appreciated. 

What are the Membership Offers

Membership on YouTube supports us through a monthly donation which you get benefits to show thanks for your Membership

£3 – Elite Supporter – Which will grant you extra updates, Photos, Director cuts, and Early access to all the new content. You also get a private chat room on our Discord chat where you can join other like-minded people.

Just Fancy Donating?

We do accept a one off donation via PayPal which can be of any amount you choose, You can also make it a monthly donation.

When we attend shows and running days there will always be a donation tin out if you don’t see it please ask a member of the bus crew who will be happy to help you. All donations are welcome.

Please also join our newsletter which after September 2022 will only be able to email out to you please join the list by this link