Thank you for considering supporting Mancbuses. 

Mancbuses Started as a hobby and slowly became what it is today. In 2020 Mancbuses was registered as a company as progress and support grew as the group grew from Jordan to where we are now with Jordan, Shaun and Stefan. Between the 3 of us, we put in a lot of money ourselves into Mancbuses to make it float. All rent and insurance are paid by ourselves leaving the income to be spent on better equipment and replacement parts. 

Our audience loves certain types of video and the support, it enables us to fulfil the requests and keep the vehicles on the road. We are always aiming to show the true side of vehicle preservation and not the rally side where its all nice and shiny. Vehicle preservation especially buses is a very costly and difficult type with many heart-breaking moments and a lot of joy too. 

Your Donations and Memberships help fund the route driving series and the attending of rallies. The more support, the more we can offer, the more we can run at a rally. We collect donations at events however bus owners never get much back to what they spend running on the event there is reasons for this but we won’t go into them here.

With all that said if you could spare Just £1 and become a member it will be very appreciated. 

How can you support us?

Patreon and YouTube Membership.

On both platforms, there are 3 tiers you can choose from with some benefits we are always looking to add more so any suggestions and we can have a look into it. Patreon Youtube


We have a small selection of products for sale these are always changing and you can find them here

One-off Donation 

There are two ways you can donate to us. First is by streaming elements which MAY see you on a stream in the bottom of the screen with this link – Streaming Elements


You can use the link below and donate directly by PayPal