Stopping a Fuel leak Without removing the Tank

This is something that we never thought we would be writing. Our Dennis Dart got a fuel leak on the tank. Our brand new tank it seems there is a little defect in it that we had not spotted.

We attempted to fix the pinhole with putty that is available on the market. This was not successful as the tank was leaking during the repair.

The bottom of the tank where the leak is was wet with diesel meaning that putty just won’t stick to the tank to seal the pin hole.

We did some googling for the best way to deal with this in pin hole of a leak.

What we found. we were surprised it actually worked, It sounded when we read it as such a long shot surely it can not work, but it did so we have decided to let you know about it.

What you will need.

A bar of Soap higher the fat the better

Sand paper


Fuel tank sealer something like JB Weld

Time for action

Repairing the Fuel Leak

First step. Rub the area with the soap over the pin hole until you can no longer see fuel coming out. The Soap with Diesel will seal the tank for a short time. To enable the repair to go head. Next take the cloth and rub the tank dry. Then with the sand paper gently rub and give the tank and rough surface for the sealer to bond. If it is smooth and flat it simply won’t work. Once this is done apply your sealer like JB Weld long.

The soap will only seal the hole we found with diesel for a limited amount of time. Diesel seems to eat the soap so make sure you have everything ready to carry the repair out. We had it where it carried on leaking once the bond was applied we took care of this by keep repeating the process and it will slowly seal this wasn’t helped in our case with the leak being on the bottom of the tank. So results my differ but this is how we managed to repair the leak without removing or draining the fuel tank.

We used this as a JB Weld sub

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