Removing Communication Lock on TGX200

We are going to walk you through how to remove the communication lock that the TGX200 machines will activate after so long no communicating with the depot or not being able to communicate with the Depot server.

Step 1

First of all, you want to take the SD card out which you will find under the screen on the left-hand side. It may have a small plate that you will have to unscrew.

Step 2

Open the SD card and this is roughly the folder layout you will see. You want to go into the “AppManager” folder

Step 3

Once in the “AppManager” folder you are looking for the file called. “ApplicationManager.exe.config” if you open this file in Notepad or a similar program you will get a file full of text.

Step 4

Once in the Notepad there is a few lines of code you want to search for that control the Device Lock.

“MaximumPowerDownTimeSpan” change the value to “0”

TMSCommsAfterDeviceBlockedDelay” Change that Value to “0”

Step 5

This is the last line of code you need to change.

“DeviceLockingEnabled” Change that Value to “0”

This will now completely disable the Device coms Lock and prevent the TGX from going into this mode.

Step 6

Save the file ensuring it keeps the .config format put the SD card back in the TGX and you are good to go. This should work with any of the configs you may have. Some you may need to add extra files to be able to log in