PCV theory test 1

These is 10 questions that may show up on the test


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#1. A bus has stopped at a bus stop ahead of you. What should you do if its right-hand indicator is flashing?

#2. A loud buzzer sounds in your vehicle. What’s this most likely to indicate?

#3. A bus-lane sign shows no hours of operation. When is the bus lane in operation?

#4. A passenger is boarding your bus. What does it mean if they’re carrying a white stick with a red ring painted on it?

#5. A speed limiter is fitted to a bus. Where must the speed-limiter setting be displayed?

#6. Before each journey, you should check all warning lights. What should you do if a warning light remains lit?

#7. A group of schoolchildren are standing close to the left-hand kerb. What should you do as you drive past?

#8. After driving continuously for the maximum period under EU rules, a bus driver must take a break. What’s the minimum duration of this break?

#9. A disabled person is getting on your bus. What should you do if they’re having problems, but say they can manage?

#10. A passenger tells you they’ve noticed that a wheel nut is missing from your bus. How often should you check your vehicle’s wheel nuts?