Next month’s plan

Hi everybody,

We have some good news well we think we do.

Firstly we have next month’s schedule which is as follows


1st Noobs put wheels on

8th time-lapse return from barrow

15th returning from somewhere with 317 (old video don’t know why it was never posted)

22nd doing the wipers on 317

29th some panel work on 114

These are all penciled in some I pen there might be some changes to allow for longer editing time but currently that is what we are looking at.

On some positive notes here is a look at the work we have managed to do with little funds.

317 has had some new wiper spindles with idlers on both sides making it so the wipers work perfectly granted there might still be a few tweaks to do but this would be more with the wiper control rodes behind the panel that connects them to the motor.

114 has had its n/s pretty much completed there is one bolt that needs drilling but the drill bit has gone blunt but all the panels are attached to the bus one way or another with minor issues with the rubber strip along the way.

Last of all it is hard to see but the front wheel edging is on and does need gluing in place but it is attached just needing a few tweaks to finish it fully but it is progress in the right direction.

That’s all for now stay safe

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