Temporary Home While we Build a New one

Welcome to Mancbuses

We are a 2 drivers that are doing route video’s with the help of the our company when we are in service, There is also some help from the YouTube fans to complete the routes of other companies. creating more content while improving my knowledge on areas and routes.

We also do a few blog style video’s and posts some are restricted because of a company request, We attempt to be informative and educational with a hint of fun.

We recently purchased a lovely B10BLE from a company in Bristol. It has done many miles and was new to Travel Dundee in Scotland it was Fleet number 176 and was renumbered to 7176. We are working to get the vehicle repainted which is a very expensive deal. We are running it to local shows at the moment and intend for a short time it to return to Dundee when it has been restored to its original colours.

Our Team

JordanA New bus driver and the  Owner of the channel and website also the B10

Will – A long time driver been doing the job a good few years and has been around the block

Chris – Our resident Grease Monkey, He helps us with the engineering on the B10.

OliverIs our Content Manager, He was a driver but he only takes care of preparing the content and communicating with the community 

If you would like to Support us

We accept donations on YouTube while live streaming via there Super chat system.

We also have Patreon – Where you gain early access to video’s soon as they are ready.

Donations when we are at events via the Donations pots we are putting on the Bus.

There is also some small gift Ideas on Red bubble which you can get to with this Link We are Known by our old Name on there of TheJMR.

You can also Contact me via email at Admin@mancbuses.com

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