Change the log-on type from Card to Pin and User

In this short tutorial, It will talk you through how to change the log-on type for the TGX200

Step 1

first of all, you will need to open the files on the SD card. The Sd card is located on the left side of the screen at the bottom there might be a cover over it. Put the SD card in a computer to read the files.

Step 2

Go to “\TicketingApp\Config” on the SD card in this folder there will be a file called “settings.xml” open this file using Notepad or similar.

Step 3

Find “<add key=”DriversignOnType” valve=”Card” />” the value of this key needs to be changed from whatever it is to “Both” so it reads “<add key=”DriversignOnType” valve=”Both” />

Step 4

Save the file ensuring it keeps the .XML file type

When you are done you will now be able to sign on to the machine using the enter key to trigger the enter driver number and pin.

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