Hi Everyone. Welcome to this weeks video. As normal at the moment there is an apology required this video that is being released to the public isn’t really the best if I am honest and there was little we could do. hopefully, part 2 will be better as IRead More →

Hi Everybody,   This is the best feeling ever as progress is being made on the B10 with some help from yourself and Kenny for his donations we managed and decided to get the front shocks and bellows which completes what we need for the front. Next, we need toRead More →

Hi Everyone, After what was a massive gap and break from the Volvo where we have just been shunting it about the shed and not really looked at it since mancbuses put it for sale. After speaking with some Scottish preservationists whom have the older model the Liberator  they areRead More →

Hi Everybody, This was a long-awaited milestone with much abuse and effort the front wheels have been liberated from the front of the B10 they might as well been welded on they were so hard to get off. There will be an unedited version for you special people that supportRead More →

With the madness of having to rebuild the rear end of 7176 and having to have my 2yo niece for this weekend, we forgot the tripod and a few other bits while my niece was busy playing on the play bus TDTT have recently got Jordan and Callum attempt toRead More →

Long time coming to fix this or attempt to fix this. As many will know I have an issue with the cooling fan which does a rather poor job of keeping the rads cold. the best solution is to try the cheaper things. So we started with removing the TempRead More →

Hello guys, Working hard to get her ready for MOT after having to put the wheels on to move her. We see Callum struggling to remove the wheel nuts in order to get them off again. However, in this video, we go over and show some of the work weRead More →

Welcome to this video where Shaun patches up some of the holes in the wonderful B10 this is long work and has finally at the rear been completed  not long after this was filmed. Shaun has a welder but one became for sale in the shed which Mancbuses has purchasedRead More →

After our lovely run out which ended in many breakdowns. It was noticed that there was an Engine mount which had broke in half and had given way inside making it so the engine was dropping at the rear slightly turn out it was by about 2 inches. I didRead More →

7176 Needed a new Washer motor and demisters, although the demisters weren’t replaced they were investigated and the washer motor was completely shot and required replacing so I bought one and left it to Callum and Kain who didn’t disappoint and made a hash of replacing the motor and anRead More →