Well, it is late as normal for us at the moment, We are Professionally late nothing true for bus drivers. However here it is the Video Schedule For October 2021 6th – Chassis Work Begins on 317 13th – 76 Buxton Town Service 20th – 14 Macclesfield to Langley 27thRead More →

Hello Sliver and Gold Members.  These may get taken down as permission hasn’t been got but as a friend has done the skyline in timelaspe form and I know who drove that for him nothing has been said so I decided I would bend the rules further and test theRead More →

Hi Sliver and Gold Members,  We are very sorry Jordan has fallen very far behind due to work. We still have not got a schedule for next month yet and tonight 27/09/21 Jordan is working to sort the issue out of nothing has been edited together.  This as the GoldRead More →

Hi silver and gold members I now this is a little late Jordan has been very busy and has struggled to finish the edit for this but it’s here it’s done for a week before release. Please let me know if there are any issues or changes you think IRead More →

Hi Silver and Gold Members, As promised I will be releasing a Directors cut video for all this style of video in the future so you should get Early Access to the finished video and the Directors Cut giving you a lot more for your money.  To this job wellRead More →

Hi Gold Members, This makes a change doesn’t it a video just for you!  The 4th and 5th of September marked the first Massive event we have helped to host with Town and District Transport Trust.  We ran our wonderful little dart 317 for service with the Chief Mechanic (Read More →

This one was a little unexpected and strange. I did not film any of this as you might guess when you watch it as I am in most of the video mainly looking like a spare part. However this is some of the shunting that happened in preparation for theRead More →

Hi everybody, We have some good news well we think we do. Firstly we have next month’s schedule which is as follows September 1st Noobs put wheels on 8th time-lapse return from barrow 15th returning from somewhere with 317 (old video don’t know why it was never posted) 22nd doingRead More →

Hi Silver and Gold Members Well this one is a bit all over the place Sat there last night looking at the Stagecoach videos as I am uploading them and it was like S**t I forgot to post the New video this week. Then that hit me I’ve not postedRead More →