Category Volvo B10BLE 7176 National Express

With a heavy heart, we announce a decision has been made to sell 7176. Whilst we would love to see 7176 continue to be preserved by ourselves it has come to a point where it is not financially viable to continue with 7176 due to severe, well hidden, structural chassis rot.

As such, we feel the support and income we receive from everyone would be more beneficial and worthwhile to use on our 314 project.

Please note that any income received on 7176 will be re-invested in maintenance and ongoing works on 314.

7176 was our first project and we are grateful for the chance and opportunities to have kept 7176 on the road so long, however, realistically we cannot justify or accept to use supporter’s money in non-viable ways.

On a more positive note, progress is pushing along nicely on 314 and we can’t wait to show you more over the coming months.

From all of us at MancBuses, a huge thanks to everyone for all your support, whether it be Patreon, Teespring, or even watching us on YouTube. It all helps massively to grow and continue all we do in the Preserved Bus Community.

Gladly 7176 has moved on to the STRATFORD UPON HAVEN bus museum where they are willing to finish the job.

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