Hi Everyone. This week’s early access video is the first where people will start asking questions as 3350/D4 isn’t truly out there yet. The reason we are swapping tyres is there is a new Law out for tyres that are on the front axle, on a bus/coach the front axleRead More →

The repaint has begun with the roof in this video Callum and Kain sand the roof then followed by other Callum and Kain painting the roof. What more can I say about this…   We are sorry this Early access is late. Jordan is slightly behind with the video editingRead More →

    Hi Everyone. This week we take a look at the wonderful Dart and we make her nude in the end stripping all of the nearside panels off and we have not finished taking all the bits we need to off her yet. I spent the day sanding theRead More →

Well with a small change to the schedule the Welding video has been released and this video which is a far better video has taken its place. Release Date – 21st April 2021Read More →

Demister Abuse – Dennis Dart 314 Hello Everyone, Our Dennis dart is in need of a new front radiator and blower unit for the demisters. It is pretty much the last thing that is needed for MOT. This was slightly harder than thought and took a lot more effort to remove.Read More →

As mentioned previously in this update https://www.patreon.com/posts/44386111 Videos are a little on the back footing at the moment. This is Jordan painting the chassis while trying to get to the bottom of an issue where the bus keeps telling the airbags to raise to the full amount making the rideRead More →

Callum is working hard on the Dart and there a small feeling of dejvue as we seem to repeat the tasks we carried out not long ago on 7176. However 314 is in much better condition underneath and soon will all be treated and painted so it looks good, RecentlyRead More →

After buying the wonderful Dennis Dart the water pump worked but was slightly leaking, This turned out to be the seal that had gone so now that we had run the bus and driven the bus after it sitting for so long the way of the water heating up andRead More →