Well I don’t think these photos need explaining but a brief is this is the O/S wheel arch at the rear and some of the rot that the bus has that we are working on fixing Read More →

Hi Everyone,   I know what you’re saying about time too. This video may change slightly in time but currently, this is what is going to be released. However, at the moment I keep changing my time like the weather.   This video sees the preparation work for Barrow TransportRead More →

Hi Everybody, This Dennis Dart Wright Handy bus was one of a batch delivered new to County bus & coach as their DW317 in 1992. It carried a Cream & Dark green livery with Thameside fleet names for their routes around Greys & Lakeside. It was then passed to ArrivaRead More →

Hi Everybody, This is the DW317 after failing its MOT we had a small list of jobs to carry out. They were Lights, Exhaust, Welding, Beam angle. All these are fixed in this Video.    Read More →

Hi Everyone,   Well, this is the drive to the MOT test which as many will be aware it failed with flying colors. However, the drive was perfect all the way the 317 performed brilliantly without issue but not many issues could happen at 32MPH.  Read More →

Hi everybody. This week’s early access comes as the new vehicle needed a Drag link end for the test. So we see Callum and Callum attempting to undo the nut. later in the video or more to the point the next day Jordan and Shaun take over and manage toRead More →

Hi Everyone. This week’s early access video is the first where people will start asking questions as 3350/D4 isn’t truly out there yet. The reason we are swapping tyres is there is a new Law out for tyres that are on the front axle, on a bus/coach the front axleRead More →