Hi everyone to this video there isn’t really much to say as I carry on the customization of our TGX200 Machines. Here Jordan changes the layout of the machine and attempts to make it look good and make it work. Public Release – 12th May 2021Read More →

Hi, Everyone Really struggling this week I am afraid, Recently we have had nothing too much to film at the shed I do have to extra stuff which I will sort out and post shortly As I have a few version for the different tiers.   This Video is reallyRead More →

Hi everyone. As Covid-19 begins to take shape on us and the restrictions become a pain with no rallies on. Lots of places closed and not willing to help. The biggest issue we currently are facing is the DVLA who seem to be confused about the dart S114KRN the systemRead More →

  Well, what to do when you run out of video’s in a Lockdown. I know spend 20mins talking total rubbish.     Public Release – 31st March 2021Read More →

Hello everybody. In today’s video release we see Jordan and Jonathon onboard MX04 AXR route planning for 2021’s Christmas Day free bus service, now Town & District Transport Trust Ltd have operated the free Christmas day bus in Keighley for the past few years but now are planning on operatingRead More →

  Its late as always for Mancbuses but we are working as normal though everything with extra hours etc and covid-19. Everything is said in the video basically but in short.   B10 is having a lot of work on done to it Dart is having minor jobs ready forRead More →

After I was forced to take all my blog videos down by work after a argument between management. I missed telling the stories and sharing experiences with the world well 20 people so decided to bring it back to life however, I had the idea, the brain engaged and thenRead More →

Hello Everyone.   Here is a video that will probably end me in trouble. In this video I talk about the differences between GreenRoad, Traffic Log and Drive Cam. Its a rather simple video and I have tried to be informative as possible.    Read More →

This video seems to of been forgotten about. I found this already uploaded to youtube as i am catching up and cleaning up as we swap whom we use to manage the channel and though different people managing different areas. This timelapse is to go with a video of usRead More →