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The Fuel Pump

Shaun removing the crank case cover

Well, where to start with this one? The Fuel pump is a key part of the fuel system and we don’t believe it was the problem. Here is how we found out it was. This problem originally started with what…

Getting ready for shows

B10 Title image

Hi everyone, As we get closer to the Newton-le-willows town show the rush has been on and we have not been able to do any posts on the progress to the bus. It has been a rather interesting time after…


sat on the MOT lane in the Brake Tester

Well, the day came after around 8 years of not having an MOT. Mancbuses finally after many false starts got it to the MOT testing station. We use Martin’s MOT Test Center which is in Middlewich. We used these for…

Preparing for MOT

Perparing for mot day 5
An MOT is very important however as many forget it is only valid really to say your vehicle passes the minimum requirements to be on the road at that second it is on a ramp or over the pit. It still falls upon the owner to maintain it to that standard and then there is us.

Tyre Swap from 314 to 317

Swapping tyres

Hi Everyone. This week’s early access video is the first where people will start asking questions as 3350/D4 isn’t truly out there yet. The reason we are swapping tyres is there is a new Law out for tyres that are…

Nude Dart

She is Naked Thumbnail

    Hi Everyone. This week we take a look at the wonderful Dart and we make her nude in the end stripping all of the nearside panels off and we have not finished taking all the bits we need…