Adding or changing the User on the TGX200

This tutorial will tell you how to add users to the config of the TGX enabling you to log in using your details or see others.

Step 1

first of all, you will need to open the files on the SD card. The Sd card is located on the left side of the screen at the bottom there might be a cover over it. Pu the SD card in a computer to read the files.


Go to “\TicketingApp\Config” on the SD card in this folder there will be a file called “loginMembers.xml” open this file using Notepad or similar. If the config you have doesn’t have this file you can download it here (Right-click Save file As) If you already have this file skip to step 4

Step 3

The new file you downloaded paste it into “\TicketingApp\Config”

Step 4

Open this file in Notepad or similar you will see a file like this

<Login ID="242687" Password="7333">

To add a user copy and paste a new section into the file

ID= Driver number

Password= Pin

Role (should be driver)

Profile Can be set as “1”

Step 5

Save the file ensuring the file type is kept as XML and you are done and now can log in with your own details.

Another file you might need

If this does not work you will also need to add a file called “RolesAndProfiles.xml” which is saved in the same folder and you can also find here (Right-click Save file As)