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Keighley (Twilight Running) 2018

A Day A Keighley (Twilight Running)


At the end of October we attended the Keighley Twilight Running Event for the Keighley Bus Museum. We have split the day up into the four different things we did, I wish to of filmed more but It was rather nerve racking driving around a town center you don’t now at tall it rather scary at first.


I ran a feeding service taking people to the event. I filmed parts of it and next time I will be filming it all. I have spread the videos over the two channels as some of the unedited stuff contains copyright material.

Going to and from the event.

The first video is simply there and back. I only got part of the journey on the way to the event. I found it strange driving it as a Private service to the event. I would normally just drive my self. I was a little late this was due to the times which I had to guess, When you use Google Maps plan it expects you to manage 70mph on motorways and not be limited to 55mph. I arrived a little late but I don’t think I missed to much. Its something to learn from in future. All the events I intend on going to will be on the Home page on the Right.

The Town Service.

The next short video is the first town service I did. I followed the bus in front so I could attempt to learn the route. I had a great conductor for the day from Town and District whom met me at Rochdale on the feeder service. I had the treat of following a half cab bus in front with what. I can describe as the best conductor ever and reminded me slightly of Jack from on the Buses.


Tour around Keighley.

Our third Video is of the tour I did for photo chances. I don’t know the area I had a guide giving me directions to the destination. As you hear in this video he is too busy chatting to tell me  where I need to go.I go silent in this video too as i am paying so much attention to the road ahead that it is narrow and i am driving such a large vehicle my attention is fully on the task in hand. After he made us miss the turning i was also slowly losing my temper with him.

As I am a professional driver with customers that have come to see the bus and ride the bus. I kept my mouth shut as I wasn’t going to cause a scene at the front of the bus. I would also take my attention off the road in the end  I am forced to do a 3 point turn in a farm track.

Town Service at Night.

Finally we have the last Edited video of the day which was our finial town service where we ran solo and it was all dark and spooky



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