A New Side Project

A Side Project Starts, This is the Introduction to Both Shaun and Jordan's efforts, This First Post Focuses on Jordan's

Hi everyone,

As a side project to our beloved Dennis Dart, Jordan and Shaun both have started a little railway each. Jordan’s is in the loft and runs the entire loft, This has been built on a budget. Shaun has a small one in his loft but they are totally different set ups. However he has been collecting part for a long time and has quite a good amount of time.

This Post is about Jordan’s however, We will have some images in a future post. Jordan has built a Layout in OO gauge with a footprint of around 10ft by 6ft. It is rather large this layout has also been built out of 2 different layout that were purchased from FaceBook. So one had a station and was just End to End was left out of what looked to be a much bigger layout. and then the other was a Full loop with parts missing however that was 12ft long and was simply to large for the loft, It also came with a fiddle yard and station. So it could fit Jordan decided to just use the fiddle yard from this however that still means in was 12ft long in just fiddle yard over 3 boards so the simple option was to take out the middle board and join the two ends together. This came with a few issues of alignment but this was overcome leaving Jordan with a simple task of connecting both layouts together with each side. This was completed and Jordan managed to run trains for the first time over the entire layout.

So now its down to control and electrics along with getting some rolling stock. Jordan is basing his on the Great Western Railway. with a few artistic tweaks to make my brain happy with programming etc.

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