Another busy day at the yard

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Once again i have had an interesting day at the yard, After some reading on a Cummins forum I found a way to find the leaks in the fuel system that will be causing the problems. 

The way is a simple one which is you take the fuel tank breathing pipe off and put compressed air in the line this pressurises the fuel tank and the system if the system is sealed no air will escape if there is leaks the air will push fuel out of the weak connections or ones that are not tightened fully. So this is what I decided to do soon as air was put into the system the line on the return which we previously had repaired fuel started to come out of the fitting showing that the connector wasn’t full tight, This took ages to get sorted which because I decided I wasn’t going to film this it was a nightmare by the time I decided to start filming Hell had already kicked off. Somewhere along the line the wiring for the fuel pump had worked it self loose and then shorted blowing the arse out of the circuit, The Bell stopped latching and the fuel pump power stopped working again this is when I started to film as it was clear at this point the plan of filming a tidy up was completely gone out the window, I was able to temporarily get power back to the pump but we definitely need to come up with a much better solution and in an Ideal world we could do with finding out why the ECU won’t provide the power. Also a different connector that prevents the short if this connector comes off again.  Next week I will finish off making the connection to the pump and crank wiring correctly so on the road the wire won’t fall off, 

At some point in the next week or so we are awaiting for Google or a donation we have been promised to land and once this lands I will be taking the bus for fuel and to get washed. This will be 2 videos of which everyone likes of driving on the road with it. Hopefully everything is in a state where the bus is ready for the trip to Llandudno which we are getting a little worried about. This is because the it will be the furthest from Manchester we have taken the bus. 

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