Mechanical Update – It’s Fixed SORTA

Hi Everyone,

Last week we posted that we had given up and decided to hire a mechanic to have a look at our work and see if there was something we had done to why the engine was working the way it was suppose too.

Last week Lewis left us with a good idea what was wrong he went away and sourced some new copper washers to replace some of the damaged ones. which was casuing a few leaks that he had spotted. These were mainly on the fuel return lines and the massive one was that injector 5 was missing a copper washer full stop which was quite a issue.

Lewis came back and replaced the damaged and missing ones after around 15mins we was ready to attempt to start the vehicle and bleed the system. This was a good laugh with Lewis inside with his head in the engine bay and Jordan at the back on the start button we said GO.

The bleed started and Lewis though he be able as it was cranking he could shut the injectors off Enabling the engine to fire and run on its own. After 30 seconds of cranking the crank was stopped as he could not keep up with the amount of fuel spuirting out of all 6 injectors. Tightening a few of them up and then pressing the start button again seen the engine with in a few revolutions come alive and run on its own.

The next stage was the one that took awhile as it is running Lewis was checking for fuel leaking even just a little bit out of the injectors that he had identified the week before and replaced the parts this week on.

Once He had confirmed there was no more leaks it was time to look at what had been done and the next steps we might need to take.

Looking at the exhaust smoke and how the engine was acting he thinks we might have a over fuel situation as well as a slight Oil leak as the smoke would swap between a Blue and white smoke. Once it was a little warmer and full throttle had been use the smoke cleared as normal. The thing that is leading him to thinking we have a over fuel situation is the fact once it has idled for a while the bus will choke before allowing full throttle but if not allowed to idle the engine acts perfectly fine and how it should.

So the next step is to get some brake cleaner and clean the top of the engine of fuel and oil so it is clean and we can have a look for any more leaks that we might of missed due to the amount of fuel and oil sat on top of the engine. After that we can have a look into the suspected over fuel which we both already have a theory on and we are both going to do the research to see if our thoughts may be correct.

As always we are very grateful of Lewis and his services that he was provided to us. So at the time of writing this If you are in Manchester and need any vehicle looking at feel to contact him on 07473811634 current rates is £45 an hour but don’t worry he is not one of these that clock watches. He is very reasonable for his charges and we are so glad we have stumbled across this wonderful guy.

Signing off for now


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