We Gave in!

Hello Everybody,

For quite a while now we have been putting off getting a mechanic to have a look at the vehicle to see if we have missed anything to why it is being such a pain in the backside.


Let us take you back to where all the problems started with the bus, On a winter day at TDTT a certain somebody that is a ex member of the group was told please don’t run the bus there is very little fuel in the tank and you guessed it. They ran the vehicle and it died of fuel starvation or to me and you it ran out of fuel. This is a pain for any diesel which is why we didn’t want it running out. Until this moment it was a perfectly running vehicle and started on the key every time straight way. Soon as it had no fuel it has been a problem getting it started.

What We Done So Far?

Since this happened we have been trying to trace down what went wrong. It is hard as there would of been nasty stuff pulled up from the bottom of the fuel tank. So we started with the Injectors which have been taken out and looked at 2 have been totally replaced with new ones and 1 has been replaced with a injector off a scrap bus. The fuel pump due to a fault with the housing, It was replaced after much hunting. To add to the problems the fuel tank sprung a leak, We replaced that with one from a scrap yard which sprung a leak too. Finally we just bought a new one something we should of done in the first place. That bought a new problem which we didn’t see until halfway through the replacement which was the fittings were different. Next up was the Lift pump which broke inside the engine. Then although we didn’t need it we saw a great bargain on Facebook for parts where we managed to get a new set of fuel pipes and a few other bits. So the fuel pipes got replaced. We think the only part left from the original fuel system left is the pipe that goes from tank to lift pump and return to tank is the only thing left that was the same as the day we bought it.

Where we are upto?

We have replaced just about everything and where we at well we aren’t much different from the day it ran out of fuel so looks like we was chasing a fault that wasn’t there, The upside however is although we have spent a lot of money on this fault and it is not yet resolved we know that all the parts we have replaced are good and in really good working order. So the problem is totally unknown.

However some really good news, with the support of everyone that watches our videos and those very special ones that decided to join us and become a member of the channel we have for once managed to earn enough money that it was decided to contact a mechanic. We contacted many with some quoting some stupid prices and some just not even entertaining it. However there was one that said he would have a look at not at a rip off price. For those interested it is his own company and is MCaRs Manchester Ltd You can contact him with any issues and he will arrange to come to you in Manchester on 07473 811634 we got in touch with him via a text message and he has been brilliant understanding that the funds we have are very limited and it is a last resort that we called him. He came to the yard on 24th Feb 2024. He came had a look had a chat with Jordan and was generally brilliant set to work and found a few issues with the fuel system that we wouldn’t of spotted. Very much worth it His hourly charge at the time of writing this is £45 an hour.

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