How are was preforming in October?

Hi everyone. We would like to keep you up to date with how the channel and us are preforming, We are going to be starting to do this each month. It will be good for us as well as you to see how we are doing.

Starting with Patreon.

We are currently running with 9 paid members and a free on the trail currently, This has been very up and down on Patreon but we are not surprised by this as we are never really sure if we are keeping it or combining into one, Currently we are here to stay on the platform.


This will take a little more than one paragraph as it covers so much. In a summery of the main parts, Views and watch time are up between 20% and 30% from last month, we gained 57 Subs which is up from 37 the pervious month, sadly our average view time is only 3:46 which is poor considering most of our videos are over 15mins. The big one is revenue this month is £62.25 up by around £10 on last month this is made up of;

Watch page ads – £45.93

Membership – £16.10

Short feeds – £0.21

This is brilliant as it does show growth as far as the membership we are up to 12 members which is down by 8% but still a good number.

The Website.

This is currently up and running and very slowly being changed and improved to show what we do and who we are better this has already meant the route section of the website has said goodbye and gone which will improve the look of the site, We are also running a new theme which will see things on pages change, We are also looking to be writing more content for the website in the next coming months.

The Shop

This is part of the website and sadly the shop has not been very good it is also down at the moment due to a issue with the hosts so we are working of a new launch of the shop which will have a lot less issues then the last one as we know what we are doing this time and it isn’t all new to us.

A new channel

We have a new channel which is currently going though launch in as our style a slow manner, You can find this channel with the handle of @MancBusesgoesminiature on YouTube. This channel is all about models and was found to separate it from the main channel. This channel will mainly focus on a model Railway that Jordan and his daughter is creating, Shaun will also be creating one himself which we are sure that will be posted here to. This will open us up to a new people. The channel will not be monetize yet but we will be working towards that on there and the funds raised on this channel will go into the restoration of 114 as we are doing this channel purely as our hobby and out of our pockets so hope this will raise extra cash for the project.

On a whole

We are growing at a slow but steady rate, We have ideas on improvement and are working on them when possible but remember we are a small team that works online and all work full time so sometimes it just is not possible to give this as much time as we would like, But we manage to get it all together some how.

Thank you for your support and we are very pleased with the support that everybody gives us. You are the reason we are growing and couldn’t do it without you.

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