The hardship of finding storage

When you own a car that is your pride and joy and you want to store it for rainy days it is easy, You park it on the drive or if you’re lucky enough in a garage. If you are one of those that like to holiday in Britain and own a Caravan or a motorhome you can find lots of places to store these in a simple Google search. Easy!

You would think this would be easy than storing a bus or a truck and you would be wrong, Storing a large vehicle is not easy and simply finding a place to park it at a reasonable price is difficult.

We have this issue, currently, we are looking ourselves for a new place to store the bus we have had this issue many times when we want to move or try and find cheaper or better facilities, The prime example of this is we moved from Town and district transport trust where we had a good price but for reasons that were out of our control we was unable to stay so had to locate a new place this was a large problem for us as many places will not store vehicles for “outsiders” we were lucky and knew a few people which got us in the door as a temporary thing we then had the issue of finding somewhere with a 24/7 access to the bus and being able to take the vehicle out when we wanted. We once again phoned around and sent loads of emails out looking for storage many didn’t have room for such a large vehicle. We still have other companies coming back to us saying no we can’t help many just don’t reply to us

A big issue that we have and we are sure others will be having the same issue is access, many places might be able to store your vehicle but with many businesses closed on a Sunday access can be an issue, In the storage yard we are in currently it is good because we have 24/7 access 365 days a year even when the office is closed which is a very good bonus for us.

At the time of writing this, the price for outside storage has gone through the roof which is not the best of things we have been quoted prices ranging from £160 to £300 plus VAT per month for just a parking spot which you would agree is very expensive it properly touching on London prices.

We are sure looking at Facebook and a that we are not the only ones that are struggling to find places. We have even been approaching where possible farms and farmers as many will have unused land and with the current issues in the farming sector many will be glad of a little bit of passive income you would think but you be wrong many don’t reply or want anything to do with it. We have had a few that have responded with prices which were very good, to be honest, but there were access issues and terms that we would have to think about for example there was a farm that agreed if it fitted they would be happy to store it but they would want the vehicle left unlocked and in a driveable state so they could move it around the farm if they need too. We are sure you would agree with the hesitation that we have to allow someone else who you don’t know to have access and drive what is your pride and joy thinking if he was to have a bump or damage the vehicle would they own up and help repair it for just hope you don’t notice.

We wish we could provide you with some hints and tricks but there really isn’t any other than you have to email and call as many people as possible someone will have room and will be willing to store the vehicle for you. If you want undercover storage groups are best to ask along with Farmers some will be willing to rent out barns etc to you but you really do have to do a lot of convincing.