The Cost of storage

The cost of storage when owning a bus or a few buses tend to lead to the speed of the restoration. If you have a low rent then there is more money to go into the restoration and it can go quicker, The higher the rent less money there is to put into the restoration meaning it will take longer. Now, where are we going with this?

We currently store at Storage world in Manchester and when we moved from TDTT into the yard it was decided that the extra rent we were paying would be saved on the fuel it was taking to get to TDTT. We decided on the quick maths to do the move along with a few other different reasons. However, it has turned out to be a complete nightmare. TDTT the rent was £100 at the time each month but for some reason Storage world there rent is paid every 4 weeks their price is £144 every 4 weeks for the parking spot. At the start of Feb 2023, they are increasing the price by £5 ex vat a week which doesn’t sound much but it takes the total price for our parking spot to £168 which they have said the price increase is due to utilities and over overheads which we would be like ok the price is going up but considering the only electric we use is to open and close the gate. We don’t really use water that much other than that we take care of ourselves we don’t even have access to the building so this price in our eyes is just a total joke and very expensive for what we have.

We have sent a number of emails to a number of companies and other storage places looking for a cheaper yard or place to park, We have many different leads so far that we would rather not disclose until we know where we are going to go but we are looking to leave Storage world if we can find somewhere cheaper to stay. We have even contacted TDTT where we left asking if there is any chance to return we did get a response that they will ask about those concerns and will see if we have a chance to return as it turns out through all the issues and arguing we had with them we was not the problem and someone from there has explained why it all happen and said sorry for the things that were said, So this has all been put behind us and we are moving forward from this. There are a number of good reasons to return and a few not which we need to think about including the ability to film other stuff and help with other buses which can lead to a second income for the business which is something we need and lost when we left.

We will update everybody as and when we hear any news but it is pretty certain that we need to leave where we are due to the expense it is something that we can not sustain and restore the bus at the same time. If anyone knows people in the Manchester area that has Farms or a good bit of yard space where a bus can be stored we would like to hear from you. We in no way want a freebee but we need something that is affordable for what we have. If we had access to the Electric etc from storage world then we could say yes it’s more justified but as we don’t it is hard for us to justify the cost now.