How to Protect your historic chassis from Rot

This is something that has to be done to any vehicle on the road after a short while in the older vehicles it is very important to protect the chassis. All chassis will rot over time but if they are looked after and protected it will extend the life of them by quite a bit. These images show the progress that we made in painting and protecting the chassis. Starting with sanding and grinding the surface rust off. once clean of rust it was painted with red oxide. In the ideal world chassis paint should also be added ontop of this but you are able to leave it as red oxide as this will still offer some protection from the elements.

It is also importiant while doing this task to remove any soil etc from the nuts and crankies that a normal chassis stream clean doesn’t get to.

If you are a vehicle owner the other things you can do to protect the chassis is avoid as much as possible to use the vehicle in the winter period due to the salt on the road. This salt will eat away at the chassis speeding up the process of rotting. however with the added layer of paint if you keep up with keeping it clean the paint will protect from this long as you have applied a good coat of paint.