Noob attempts to refit a Allison 545 Gearbox Sump

Hi Everyone,


I know what you’re saying about time too.

This video may change slightly in time but currently, this is what is going to be released. However, at the moment I keep changing my time like the weather.


This video sees the preparation work for Barrow Transport Festival that was held on 17th July 2021. We were convinced that the gearbox was leaking oil, as well as the Oil cooler, was leaking oil into the water system which was helping it to overheat, along with the stupid amounts of ATF and Oil on the back window.


Spoiler alert!!!

Following the new Oil cooler and filter etc we are pleased to say after 160Miles on the 17th very little oil was on the back and a further 160 miles on the 20th leaves it with not much on the back either, we are happy once a full engine oil change has been done we will of fully fixed the issue fully. 317 has been a very busy little bus for 2 days covering over 300 miles many of which have been in the heatwave. There are still a few tweaks needed but it is all coming together.


A video on 314 will be coming soon..



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