Can’t Test Something That’s Not There – Dennis Dart 314

Hi Everyone,

As the brilliant Dennis Dart moves closer to being MOT Ready the smaller jobs which are proving to be a bigger pain in the bottom are showing there light.

This job has been a long time in testing and trying to find out what was going on. There was a ghost voltage to the upper indicators but there was only enough to bring LED bulbs on very dim. The Dart has had aftermarket lights fitted at the bottom and the Aladdin unit on the darts feeds everything so we are looking at either a Short or a loose wire somewhere.

It gets worst the wiring loom splits between the Bottom and top Indicators. The Lower ones run along with the frame and the upper ones runs through the roof to the rear from what we can suss out. Even then we have 2 sets of relays for the indicator tick which would suggest the wires somewhere have been cut. The Loom is in some kind of tact as the upper tail lights do work.

Anyway, there will be more on this at another time as I do really want them to work and has to be simple but we can’t see it. In the meantime we are going to block them up so there no light there at all, Plate over them and then they can’t be tested on their MOT. They may depend on COVID restrictions be repaired before the test, As we don’t plan to enter the vehicle for the test until everything calms down, No point in having an MOT on a vehicle we can’t drive anywhere.


Please enjoy this bodge video.


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