It’s Back and Just as Bad :/

Hi Everyone,

After what was a massive gap and break from the Volvo where we have just been shunting it about the shed and not really looked at it since mancbuses put it for sale.

After speaking with some Scottish preservationists whom have the older model the Liberator  they are helping rebuild the Volvo B10.

Here at Mancbuses we have all taken on our own jobs at the moment with Covid-19 as there was little for myself to do while Callum has started to paint the Dart, I decided to have another look over the Volvo and remove some body panels. Once Callum had finished his painting he came to help as he enjoying bashing the Volvo, Must be said he enjoyed it more until we became Mancbuses and now the repairs also come out of his pocket.

With the body panels off we was able to have another look at the outriggers which is where the body uprights are and asses the damages. We have made great progress in removing the old paint and rust. The area we did in this video just needs a little more work and then it can be painted by Kian with Red oxide to seal the metal and protect it from rusting in the future.


Stay tuned for more B10 Updates as the work carries on and hoping to put the B10 on the road along side the Dart.




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