Special day has come Volvo B10.

Hi Everybody,

This was a long-awaited milestone with much abuse and effort the front wheels have been liberated from the front of the B10 they might as well been welded on they were so hard to get off. There will be an unedited version for you special people that support us.

Once we had managed to get the front wheels off the revelled the massive disc brakes and a rusty wheel arch. Our favourite tool made an appearance we broke the hammer out with a few bashes we could see rust falling out from behind the arch this was enough of an invite that the plastic lining on the edging. This turned out be Fiberglass and Filler with a hint of silicone sealer, once removed this reveal what can only be described as a total cover-up


Above – Bottom towards the Front

Above – Rear towards the Top


Once it had been bashed and totally removed our next favourite tool was called on the Angle grinder/cutter which resulted in this and these actions were carried out on both sides

There is STILL more to be cut away but we are getting there won’t be too much left though. The mighty Chief is in charge of sourcing the metalwork and welding it all together.

We require two new shocks and 2 new airbags, There has already been great progress with a donation from Kenny a new airbag has been bought along with a new shock so we are one of each down. It is going to be slow progress.


Public Release – 14th Feb 2021  EXTRA RELEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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