New Demister radiator! Will It Fit It? – Dennis Dart 314

Welcome to this Early access post.

After the demister fan unit was found to be blown and set its self on fire and the second fact that on the day of picking 314 up there was a water leak from the front radiator that provides heat to the driver and front window.

Although for MOT the demisters do not need to provide heat they do need to blow. We went on a search for the fans and to get new fans it was around £80 so the hunt online for scrap yards started the local ones in Barnsley didn’t seem to want to answer the phone the ones that did sadly didn’t have any Dennis darts in the next closest we found was down south. This was an interesting trip it took us about 2hrs 30 mins to get to this scrapyard said to say that the guy hadn’t taken the parts off we needed and wasn’t there however two other employees at UK bus dismantlers.

They were nothing to do with the bus side of things sorted us out and gave us some tools and allowed us to choose which want we wanted, however, this took a little bit longer than thought and 2 hours we were at the scrapyard and then another 2:30 hours on the way back, however, is possibly the best £40 pound we’ve spent as everything worked wonders

This video focuses on Callum an attempt to fit the unit, however, he’s not exactly the brightest of sparks he struggled for a while also until Jordan helped him only to find that he had left at two bolts required to fit the unit was still in the bus.

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Public Release: 3rd Feb 2021

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