Our NEEEEW Vehicle Mini Tour

Welcome to this Mini-tour of our New Dennis Dart we recently purchased with help from the support of you. This is 314 or 114 depending on what pictures you look at the vehicle is currently without an MOT or TAX so we are unable to drive it on the road to do the full intro we have started to do as soon as it is on the road we will.


The list of jobs was rather large but we have made the list very small without too much expense in the short term some of the stuff we needed we were able to take off 7176 as 7176 is not likely to move out of the shed for a while so really we only need to leave it mobile to move in the shed.


All we have to do now is wait for the V5 to show up and repair the ramp structure as there isn’t really much left of it and although I have not filmed any of this yet I will be filming this shortly as we finish removing all the old steel from the floor.