Semi Rebuilding the back end – B10 Project #054

With the madness of having to rebuild the rear end of 7176 and having to have my 2yo niece for this weekend, we forgot the tripod and a few other bits while my niece was busy playing on the play bus TDTT have recently got Jordan and Callum attempt to rebuild the backend by putting the compressor back on and putting all the water pipes back. As those that follow us will be aware we have fixed it kinda and it has moved well managed to turn it around. We have a few other issues with we will film and go over.


Update after this was filmed the special part that we had to get as we lost we FOUND and it was right in front of us the entire time with that fitted we have found the pressure we have put on the pipe has caused a second leak. there also seems to be an air issue with the AUX tank as we lose the handbrake and doors rather quickly once the engine is off.


This could be the 4-way protection valve but this is a job that is needed to be done on a pit which we don’t have. We will keep you posted on this matter.


Public Release: 4th November 2020