B10 Project #049 – Fan Filter change

Long time coming to fix this or attempt to fix this. As many will know I have an issue with the cooling fan which does a rather poor job of keeping the rads cold. the best solution is to try the cheaper things. So we started with removing the Temp sensor that couples the Hydraulic fluid to the cooling system which controls the fan speed. we have left that unplugged and the fluid flows like the valve would be fully open. When this failed we started looking at the filter and when it was last replaced. As we don’t know when it was last changed and is another cheap option or would of been but there was a few issues getting the correct filter, Once got this is Jordan and Callum attempting to change the filter. However we overlooked a few things here.

Main one being keep the camera clean so sadly after the fluid started coming it all went pair shaped. spoiler alert it didn’t fix the issue.



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