#051 – Replacing the Engine Mount

After our lovely run out which ended in many breakdowns. It was noticed that there was an Engine mount which had broke in half and had given way inside making it so the engine was dropping at the rear slightly turn out it was by about 2 inches. I did this job alone as I was having a moment and wanted some time alone.


The job was a fairly easy one however I had to remove a little more than I originally thought But this just meant that the full bracket and mount got cleaned before it was put back on. Cleaning all the oil and rubbish that has built up over time as the vehicle has had oil leaks or split coolant etc.


All said the mount has now been done and shouldn’t need doing again for a few years. By the time we have reattached the new compressor, it will of had a new lease of life in that area.


Public Release – 14th October 2020

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