#042 – Fitting a Washer Motor and Demisters.

7176 Needed a new Washer motor and demisters, although the demisters weren’t replaced they were investigated and the washer motor was completely shot and required replacing so I bought one and left it to Callum and Kain who didn’t disappoint and made a hash of replacing the motor and an even bigger hash of putting the demisters back in.


Here is Callum and Kain fitting a brand new washer motor and also refitting after inspecting the demister box for damage etc it would seem we have a slightly different model then the other B10s in the shed which is also a reason why our bumper and front has never really fitted due to a fix they have done to make it all work after what we guess would be a crash. This we can be sure of as the Nearside has been plated inside so add support as well as the massive crack that is behind the fiberglass. It is something may in a year or two we will look at improving however to fix it now will probably mean a new paint job and as it is not that bad although noticeable we are not going to mess with it. The washer motor now works unlike before however we seem to have a issue with how the wipers sit and the lack of water coming out of the Nearside wiper.