Average few hours at the shed

This video seems to of been forgotten about. I found this already uploaded to youtube as i am catching up and cleaning up as we swap whom we use to manage the channel and though different people managing different areas. This timelapse is to go with a video of us attempting to make a panel for the bus which was so rusted it was unsavable this was 1 of 4 the following weekend we made the other 3 and put them on we did not film this though as we was having a crack on with it a weekend and we sum it all up at the end in a video which is currently in the editing process. Now we need to sort out 2 body panels and tax the bus and fuel it as its rather empty that’s before we can finish this work off as we need to run to autotec to see if they can remove the front wheels


Release Date – 12 August 2020

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