B10 Project #041 – What Crack?

Well Hello guys and girls, we are now working towards putting the old girl back on the road.

However, we are also taking these opportunities to sort out some of the finer details.

In the cab area, we have been sorting wiring out above the driver’s cab some of the switches have gone back in but in new places they may return to there old once we know how practical it is having all the warning lights together. We also have taken the chance to move the desti controller to a location where you don’t have to stand to use it.


Moving to the back we have red oxides the chassis and then black coated it this has been done around the bus on both sides


The offside rear has been repaired and put back together some minor tweaks need to be done for this too.


The water tank needs a little edit to the brackets we have made.


Shaun has spent a lot of time welding the bus after feeling a little shafted by whom originally said he would do it but We shall sort that out, the welding on the battery try is done and the crack on the airbag support is done.


Other than that we have been making good progress towards getting her on the road and we expect a lot to happen within this month.


Images – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jmaqvlsphPvZxQy4jYJBS_p5wZgC4CAb?usp=sharing


Public Release  – 5th August 2020