#003 – Gearbox air valve

Job number two on the list was still to do with the air system and as you will of heard in the first video on the air dryer there was a massive leak towards the rear of the bus which was the valve on the gearbox as the Leyland Atlantean has an air-powered gearbox so without air pressure gears can not be selected, The owner had plumbed the leak up so pressure can build and it could be driven. A new valve couldn’t be replaced as there is a limited number of them and the air pressure building to 160psi + would blow another one of these valves.

This job was very quick one to do and just needed a spanner and a screwdriver to remove the valve and the electrical connections which would send a Low air signal to the gearbox stopping a gear from being selected. We had to change the connections on the valve we had to make the air hose connect to the new valve this was done in a vice and might not be needed depending on the valve you replace. nice and simple job once replaced started her up and waiting for the pressure to build and there were no leaks so job done and crossed off the list.


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