#002 – Air dryer and air regulator replacement

The first job on the list was to sort the Air issue out. This issue we had was the air system wouldn’t purge so it would build the air pressure up to a total of 160psi well we say that 160psi was the max the gauge could read and we are pretty sure it was pushing the pressure up higher than that. The first thing to check was the Air dryer we lucky had a spare on 79 which is a spare scrap bus in the shed so we got that off that bus but we were unable to film due to the darkness. So we managed to film putting the replacement on 96 with the latest member of our group which is obsessed with 96. Once we had got the air dryer on we tested the system and found out the system still didn’t purge.

So next one on the list was the Air regulator which is next to the air dryer and is responsible for the purge of the air system and forcing all the rubbish out the system. Once again there was a spare on 79. so we stole that on not knowing if it worked other then when the scrap bus did work the air system worked on it so we take it off 96 with some forms of intelligence and fit the replacement and hoped for the best as we switched her on for the last time that night and built the pressure up and we thought at first it didn’t do it but emptying the tank and listen again. When we heard the system purge it was so good. However, we noticed while changing these parts the was a level of rubbish in the pipes at the time wasn’t aware that a level of brake cleaner had been sprayed into the system to try and clean the valve to get them to work. So overnight we wanted to drain the tanks so we open the tanks which we had filmed this but we opened the tanks and I got covered in crap out of the two nearside tanks and Shaun crawled under to do the far tanks and despite a warning that he was releasing the wet tank he managed to get sprayed with water then wondered how he was gonna reach the front on that side around the brake cleaner mess my tanks had made and the wet patch his wet tank created. On that note, it was the job completed.