7176 Test Drive and Uber Service

After over 3 weeks in the paint booth while 7176 got a fresh lick of paint. while waiting for the paint to dry, which was a lot of the time, here goes the saying, “Like watching paint dry”  I cracked on with other jobs the main aim was to try and figure out why much of my B10’s Kick-down was not working. I was aware thanks to the manuals that  I have got, which you can find in the Downloads sections of the B10 area. I could tell from this that my pedal was not reaching full throttle, other clues was that when you pressed the pedal to what is a kick down mode  you would get a small bit more power out of the engine but not too much to properly kick down the bus.

Operators put nuts on the bolts that are reasonable for the kick down or remove the wires for the ones that are operated by a button. With there being a spring and the manual saying there the kick down was operated by an Inductive sender. It could only mean that the  throttle was not traveling far enough or that there were no or very little power going to the kick down circuit. I Started this process by checking voltages and fuses, there was a small  voltage and the fuse and relay were very good. Not being able to see the bolt on the spring as it was under the rubber this had me thinking that we have got a different throttle or the vehicle has the EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) Unit had the kick down un-programmed from it and that  forced into what in the business we call “ECO mode”. which makes all buses drive like a wet fart on Christmas day. so we check the wiring to the pedal and that wasn’t triggering when the pedal was in the full position. I gave it a few days thinking about it and looking at all the diagrams etc then I got thinking the digrams show the pedal traveling further than mine. So how does the spring come out? I went in search of this and with smashing my head a few times. I found the bolt in the spring and removed it and then found the spring to be quite rusty but worked as a spring. Then I found the bolt on the other end of the spring. I tried the throttle with the spring missing and found the EDC came up with an error of “Control Unit Incorrectly” configured. so with the nut removed I put the spring back in and tightened the bolt up fully which compressed the spring but still gave a little movement, Now the EDC was happy with the configuration of the throttle so all was left. Now I was to go out on the road and test to see if the kick down now worked and kicked the gearbox down and gave MORE power. The results were brillient and the bus kicked down and gave all she had getting up hills, it was such a pleasure to see.

The attached video snippet and the full POV video.


Very short Proof of Kickdown

Long POV video With Kickdown and Thrash