#026 – CCTV Set up, What will work??

Can I get the CCTV system to work, Or more to the point what works of the old system after I have connected it all up. Find out more


Well after recent things happening on the B10, I have decided to connect the CCTV  back up, for this I needed a DVR and a hard drive. Hard Drives I have in the plenty and decided to use my 1TB drive into the DVR. The DVR was bought from eBay it was rather cheap but DVRs are much cheaper when they don’t have the hard drive in them.  This is my second attempt at installing a DVR and hoping that its works this time. We start with a cheap home recorder, Which you can find here.


The Setup and issues

Then we go into the CCTV cupboard, where its a wheres Wally in finding which wires do which Cameras. The Bus is fitted with the Cameras. I knew some would need replacing. The current Camera’s wiring all come into this compartment. There is nothing labelled making it a challenge to find the pairs of wires to see if the cameras work. Snipping back the wires that don’t belong to anything or was old wiring. The wires for the GPS antenna is still in the compartment and will be staying in case I upgrade to a GPS where the DVR can log the speed and direction of the vehicle.

Next on the List

Since this was filmed the job has not been finished. I got the system to work by replacing two cameras as one was broke. I will be swapping some cameras about as some of the old cameras have seen better days so replacing them will be needed. As the wiring is already in place it should be a rather easy solution and task to undertake. Some was working and have stopped for example the Reversing camera took a feed to the DVR and this camera has recently stopped working and this needs looking into when I have a spare minute to look into the system again.

More information on this, as well as a talk in the car, is available in the video, please watch, share, subscribe and enjoy!

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