#024 – The Magical Reversing Lights

Welcome to post number 24 on the blog for the repair of the B10. This took a little extra look after this video was filmed they went faulty again and we took a further look into the electric’s and found the fault in this Post I will talk you through how we found the fault and fixed it, even though this is still a temporary fix it is still currently working and seems to be much more stable.


  1. Check is bulbs. You can do this by either replacing with new or checking with another lamp you know that works so for us we used the Fog lights to test the bulbs.
  2. Open the electrical compartment and see if the fuse is blown.
  3. using a multimeter see if there is the voltage at the lamp housing.
  4. If still now joy. Test the gear selector to check it is putting out a signal to the relays.
  5. Try and trace all the wiring and check any connections in the wire that they are making a full connection.
  6. Get a guy to look at it.



Our issue became fixed around the 5 mark and it was a simple connection in the electrical compartment where the harness comes in and splits off to the PCB. The 6pin connector was loose and creating a faulty connection, This is why they kept working and then stopping as we would knock the wire it would work then when we drive down the road it was rattle the connector back loose.


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