#021- LED Destination Blind

Well as some of you may notice there is one feature which has been bugging me a bit since day one as I have always driven buses with LED destination blinds.  So when I had purchased my B10 it had the old and original feature of the Flip Dot Display which sometimes does get quite annoying as the right hand side of it didn’t work as well.

So I yes had eventually give in, I had bought this rather cheaply off EBAY from an absolute legend of a seller who made sure my display was up to scratch.       So Yes Sorry about the filming In that you can’t really see much as there was really no space for the camera as me and my helper were all over the place fitting this by screws, bolts and electric wires which were easy enough to fit.

Also watch the live stream as there is a a proper and not shortened down version of me and my helper fitting this LED display.

(Pictures of the Display coming soon)