Like any other road vehicle, the B10 has to have an MOT as it’s not old enough to be exempt from the tests yet. There is a few places we can take it to in Manchester as it was having a Class 5 (Private Hire Vehicle) and Not a Class 6 (Public Service Vehicle) the rules and regulations are a lot more relaxed, We choose Martins MOT test station as theses was highly recommended to us, They also don’t do any repairs on site so If it can’t be repaired by you then it doesn’t get repaired. There the only goal is to put vehicles though there MOT and either PASS or FAIL them. There is no incentive to fail a vehicle to add the cost of repair on to the total bill, The quicker they get you in and out the better for them. So the upcoming weeks to this was sleepless nights as anything wrong with it wasn’t going to be a cheap repair. So nerves were up on the trip down there I took Dave incase anything went wrong and for company.


The MOT started by Pulling up to the correct Bay for the 1st of the checks Lights and Headlight Angle make sure I am not Star Spotting at night. Then working around the side and rear checking Indicators, Shouting to have the brake lights tested, Reverse and Fog lights checked to ensure they are working. While at the Front Checking the Wipers do their job and wash the window. Then on to more cab controls so the Horn. He then carried on checking the outside Mirrors and bodywork also Tyres for tread and defects On a bus we are allowed down to 1.2mm of tread depth over 75% of the width of the tyre. Fuel filler for Leaks and security. Emergency Door opens and closes how it should.

Then Under the bonnet checking everything looks correct levels and leaks. He would check Dip stick here if fitted mine isn’t.

Finally, once he reaches the front the Passenger doors are checked for there operation and he then inspects the interior of the vehicle although some he might not depending on the state, They are mindful that sometimes the Interior isn’t ready. So would check its is safe to be on the road. In my case, as I have Bells he checked them as we as the Emergency door opens from the inside as well.

He then checks the cab controls himself to ensure they do all work. He askes if a Speed Limiter is fitted. The B10 Doesn’t have a speed limiter just tops out at 56 if a Speed limiter is present you must display a plate with the details on regarding this. He also drains the Air tanks with the foot brake to ensure the vehicle rebuilds its air in a quick manner.

Moving forward on the smoke test, This is designed just to measure the amount of emissions coming out of the back pipe. Mine was very clean with a reading of 0.06. The way it is tested can be seen in the video.

Then he moves to the unknown underbody. going around checking it with a hammer and checking for leaks, cracks and play in things as well as checking the brakes.


And last but not least is the Brake Test itself this is best left to the video in Explaining how it is carried out.


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